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Iliad, Fall of Troy, and The Aftermath

A 3,200 Year Old Journey

© Prelude to ‘Prince Hektôr, Hero & Trojan Warrior’

© Written and Published by Amarissa Amber Cale

© Copyright 2015 Amarissa Amber Cale

Prologue to Iliad, Fall of Troy, and The Aftermath, now available on Amazon and Smashwords

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Iliad, Fall of Troy, and the Aftermath

Iliad, Fall of Troy, and the Aftermath

This is a prelude to a series (each a standalone) I will soon release.  The series is chiefly historical romance, and centers on the Bronze Age.  Circa 1250 B.C.E.  Since I have discovered how few people know much, if anything, about the era, I have decided to spend some time writing this summary of all that would be pertinent to the series.  I hope you look forward to many of the romantic stories to come in this fascinating time in our history.

At the end of this narrative, I have added an excerpt of the upcoming series opener, “For The Love of a Trojan Princes.”  Cassandra has been stolen from her home and family in Troy and swept across the sea at the request of the Achaean king, Nestor.  As he is aging, he is desperate to see his only son and heir to wed and have a family.  The Trojan princess is perfect; she has beauty and comes from royalty herself.  What Nestor does not count on is her family’s retaliation – or Cassandra’s aversion to the supposed union.

So why have I chosen to write a series about the Bronze Age and Prince Hektôr?

Eleven years ago, I began researching the Bronze Age and found it profoundly fascinating.  I have read much concerning what is termed ‘the age of heroes’, and believe it is an era in our history deserving more attention.  What of noble Prince Hektôr?  You must have heard some heroic accounts regarding the bravest of the Trojans during the Trojan War, the pillar of Troy?  Or have you?  Seems almost absurd to ask this question; or does it?  Generally, people are familiar with Prince Hektôr and his fearless Endeavour to safeguard his family, and his nation from the brutal Achaean onslaught.  Then again, are they?

For the Love of a Trojan Princess

For the Love of a Trojan Princess

The real bona fide question here I expect would be, to what extent can we identify the man himself?  Who in fact was Prince Hektôr?  He did not materialize only at the launch of the Trojan War, did he?  Are we then to believe the man lived and died only during the Trojan War?  Typically, tales of the War in Troy focus on the Achaeans and their difficulties during the Siege, not the heroic prince.  (An ironic note here; the Achaeans thought the War long, demanding and tedious, despite it was they who boorishly laid Siege on Troy, and obstinately lingered about for ten years!)

Scores of hours and untold months searching in countless locations yielded only the realization I have ascertained precisely nothing in reference to Prince Hektôr, outside the Epic Tales.  I have pursued book after book, encyclopedias, thousands of websites, library archives, back to the books, and found yet nothing beyond a morsel of detail.  Through archaeology, Homer`s Epic account, Linear B, Hittite tablets, and other narratives lucratively passed down through time, we have a considerable amount of information on most individuals in the saga.

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