The DuroRock Escapades – Episode One – The Plumber’s Playmates

15 Jan

© Written and Published by Amarissa Amber Cale

© Copyright 2014 Amarissa Amber Cale

Release date – January 9, 2015

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Dustin Morgan was an ordinary guy with a plumbing degree, and a girlfriend at home. He is on to the next contract, and it’s going to pay big. He has no idea what he’s about to sign up for, but he has yet to meet his new boss, Jamie Bolin. Dustin is faced with a dilemma when Jamie and her assistant have their own set of rules in the new nudist colony; can he abide by their rules, or will he run the other way? Adult situations and language 18+up only.

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Chapter One – The Pool

“Miss, you shouldn’t be here now.  I have to drain the pool,” Dustin said to the naked blonde-haired woman in the lodge’s facility.

The place was supposed to be empty, according to the contractor.  What this woman was doing, swimming in a restricted building, was beyond Dustin.  He watched as the young woman swam toward him.  Her body was graceful and lithe, like a goddess.  Dustin had a job to do, and precious time to do it.  He did not need this, or any other distraction wasting his time.  She climbed the ladder in front of him, her breasts protruding like ripe melons, ready for plucking.  Dustin noted the small, heart-shaped patch of hair just above her pubic bone.  Fleetingly, he wondered if it was soft or coarse.

Shaking the thought from his mind, Dustin focused on the task assigned to him.  “Miss, I don’t know if anyone informed you, but this place is closed.  I have to drain the pool,” he told the brazen woman before him.

She wrung her waist-length hair and asked him, “Do you have any aversion to nudity?”

Durorock black

The DuroRock Escapades – Episode One-The Plumber’s Playmates

“I beg your pardon, Miss?”

“I want to know if you like being naked?”

Dustin turned and headed for the exit.  Where was Bolin, the supervisor, he wondered?  “In five minutes, there will be no running water in the building,” he told the blonde before making it as far as the door.

“Wait, won’t you give us a little more time?” a new voice asked.

Dustin turned to see another woman he had not noticed before, laying in a chaise in the darkened corner.  The only thing she wore was a watch that sparkled when she moved.  When she approached Dustin, he replied, “I have a job to do, Miss.  I’m sorry.”  The vision excited him, but he didn’t want to show it.

“Please, won’t you come with us?  I believe we have business to attend,” the blonde said as her friend slapped her bottom and kissed her on the lips.

What was going on, he wondered.  She looked at Dustin and grinned.  Dustin had never seen such bold behavior before and it mesmerized him.

“Come to my office,” the blonde said.

Dustin followed the women to a small room just off the recreation area.  He watched their perfect round bottoms as they lead him to the office, and thought he wanted to grab one of them, pin her to wall and nail her hard.

The blonde sat at a desk, pulled out her paperwork and said, “This place you see here is my responsibility.  I am the project supervisor, Jamie Bolin.  I am pleased to tell you we will work close together for the next couple months.”  Jamie looked Dustin up and down, raised her brow, and pointed to a chair.  “Won’t you please sit?”

“I don’t think I am clear about what this is all about,” Dustin said, taking his seat beside the other woman.

“Let me enlighten you then.  With the help of my assistant, Miranda, I plan to turn this decrepit conference lodge into a nudist resort.  It will cater to the elite and their need for somewhere they can shed their outer shell, so to speak.  We will evaluate each submission for membership, and provided they meet the requirements, we will accept or decline their application.”

“What is it you need from me?  I thought I was here to repair the pipes and replace the boilers,” Dustin said.

“That is why you are here.  Do you know why we chose you, Dustin?”  Jamie asked.


Miranda handed him a copy of the contract and said, “This should clarify our expectations while you are here.”

Dustin held the paper, trying to avert his eyes, and forced himself to stare at Jamie’s eyes rather than her breasts and erect nipples.  The nonchalant behavior of the two women had his curiosity.  Was he supposed to come to work every day to this scenario, he wondered.  Not that he minded.  He liked what he saw, but his girlfriend might not.

Jamie walked across the office and poured a coffee from the counter in the small kitchen area.  “Would you like something to drink while you read the contract, Mr. Morgan?”

Dustin cleared his throat.  “Yes, please.”

Jamie handed him a coffee and sat back down at her desk.  “It this simple; we hired you not just for your qualifications, but also your attractive features and athletic build.  You are a rather appealing man, and in this case, that is imperative.  If you read line four of the contract, you will also see why you are getting paid twice what the average plumber does for these jobs,” Jamie said.

Dustin tore his eyes from Jamie to skim over the contract in his hands.  He was stunned when he read line four.  “You mean you want me to work here wearing just my construction boots?” he asked.

“Don’t forget the hard hat,” Miranda said.

“Hard hat,” Dustin repeated.

Jamie leaned forward on her desk to reach for a pen.  Her hair, still wet from her swim, teased at her nipple, Dustin noticed, and licked his lips.  “That’s right, Mr. Morgan.  We already have bookings for next week, and these people will be uncomfortable if you are dressed and they are not.  The next week will give you a chance to lose your inhibitions.”…

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I would like to thank the love of my life, Wayne, without whose support I would have never finished this, or any other book.  Without him, this story would never have been told.

I would also like to thank my sweet daughter, Stephanie, who has been a major supporter, and my bestest fan.

I love you both with every fiber of my being.


About the author:

Live, love, laugh, then love some more!  = My motto.

I am a writer and research analyst, living in the great Canadian Northern wilderness with my hubby and ‘psycho’ dog, Tucker.  My specialty is in Ancient History.  (Both romance and historically accurate).  I have several novels in the works at the moment.  (When writer’s block halts one, it’s always good to have another to jump into!)  I also have a planned outline for a historical series, geared to youth, teaching them about the Bronze Age, while entertaining them.


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